Vape Recycling

Trying to minimize your e-waste and live more consciously? We are too!

In 2019 we created Aotearoa’s first Vape Recycling programme, and we want to encourage all our vaping customers to help keep batteries out of landfills.

Working with Upcycle Ltd, we created a vape recycling programme for our customers that not only recycles the batteries of your old vapes and disposables, but manually deconstructs each piece and recycles every usable part.

We want to keep it clean and green by reducing the amount of metals and toxic substances leaking into Aotearoa’s water and soils. If you want to do your part, return any Cosmic bought vape or disposable in-store and we will recycle it for you.

This deal is in-store only, so head here to find out where your local Cosmic is.

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