Moon Lamp

Colour One Colour

Product Details

  • The Basics

    One small step for man, one giant lamp for mankind!

    The LED Light that brings the power of the moon to illuminate your room.

  • Directions

    • Tap the metallic charging point on the base of the Moonbeam once to turn the light on. 
    • Tap again to change the colour of the LED light and tap a third time to turn the light off. 
    • To recharge the light plug in the USB charging cable provided and connect to a power source.
  • Features

    • Casts a pleasing glow across desk or bedside table
    • Touch to turn on or change colour
    • Faithful reproduction of the Moon
    • Two colours: Warm White (2700K) and Neutral White (4000k)
    • Rechargeable via USB (cable included)

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