Blue Calcite Opal + Sage Coco Candle

Colour Blue Calcite

Product Details

  • The Basics

    Calming + Creativity + Relaxation

  • Description

    Comes in a white box and a Coco candle container.
    Decorated with a raw Blue Calcite gem and botanicals.
    • Scented with Tahitian Coconut 
    • 80 hours burn time 
    • Luxury scented wood wick soy candle  
    • Hand poured in Mapua, New Zealand
  • Directions

    Wood wick candles burn beautifully when used correctly, if your candle doesn't stay lit for the first time, don't give up. 

    Keep your wood wick trimmed to around 5mm, this will ensure your candle will stay lit. 

    Create a memory: when you first light your candle, ensure you are burning the candle long enough. Keep your candle lit until an even pool of wax has formed on top of the wax. This is called creating a burn memory, it is essential to keep your candle burning nice and evenly.

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