Fluoro Green Directions Hair Dye

Colour Fluoro Green

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  • The Basics

    With a huge range of creative colours, Directions Hair Dye is designed for the wild at heart and caters for those looking to experiment with a more individual style and bold colour of hair. These on-trend, vibrant colours are non-damaging, easy to use and give outstanding results that leave you with hair others will talk about.
  • Directions

      • Patch and strand test 24 hours prior to colouring.
      • Bleach hair 24 hours prior to application to a level 10 blonde for best results.
      • Shampoo the hair with a PH balanced shampoo and towel dry.
      • Apply colour evenly in sections throughout hair with a tint brush.
      • Leave colour on for a minimum of 15 minutes, once you are happy with the development, rinse out colour thoroughly and condition.
  • Features

    • Semi-permanent dye, the colours last around 4 weeks.
    • Each tub contains 88ml hair colour.
    • 49mm tub opening for tint brush.
    • 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free.
    • Free from ammonia, peroxide and PPD.
    • All Directions colours are inter-mixable to create a new shade.
  • Precautions

    • To achieve the best results, we recommend bleaching the hair to a level 10 blonde 24 hours before colour application.
    • We recommend doing a colour patch test 48 hours prior to application to ensure your skin will not have a reaction or irritation to the product.
    • We recommend doing a strand test on the hair 24 hours prior to application to determine development time and results before colouring full head.
    • Do not dye eyelashes or eyebrows.
    • If product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.
    • Colours can sometimes stain certain surfaces and materials, use with care.
    • Colours can stain the skin on hands and face, we recommend using gloves to apply dye and moisturiser around the hairline to protect skin.
    • Directions doesn’t have a specific longevity on the hair, colour results depend on the application and condition of the hair.
    • Do not mix Directions with Peroxide.
    • Shades may vary at manufacturer’s discretion
    • We suggest purchasing at least 2 tubs to ensure you have enough product to fully cover your hair
  • Ingredients

    Aqua (Pure), Cetearyl Alcohol, Distearoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Formic Acid, Colour.

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17 Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
  • I have used directions for YEARS during my hairdressing days - the Turquoise and the pillar box red are by far m fave, long lasting and the colors pack a PUNCH
    naomi June 2022
  • My natural hair has a lot of grey/silver/white and these dyes are perfect. Will hold bright colour for about 3-4 days before it stars to fade into a more pastel colour. I don’t need to wash my hair often so that helps.
    T June 2022
  • i’ve used the neon red, neon blue, flamingo pink and the toner and they all worked amazing ! the neon red was more of a neon orange and the neon blue was almost a deep bluey purple but it still looked great and stayed for months. toner was pretty good too but leave it on for ages otherwise ur hair will still be sorta yellow !!!
    Bridget May 2022
  • Absolutely love it!!!! I will continue to buy my colours from here! Plum and flamingo pink are incredible on bleached toned hair and also the other pinky on (forgot it's name) can not recommend more. The only thing is the colours don't always represent the colour inside and that's not cosmics fault it's the stock photos. I got amathsyt purple once it was not purple at all. Definitely google or search other people's results first just a tip ?
    Alysha Harper March 2022
  • It’s pretty average, colour doesn’t hold. Faded after one wash ? I used Pastel Pink, wouldn’t recommend.
    Jaye January 2022
  • came out pink when it was meant to be red
    maia December 2021
  • I bet some colours are quite good but I got the pastel pink and turquoise colours and it wasn’t really what I thought it was. The turquoise colour in the photo shows very bright turquoise on the hair and in the container. The teal I got was black in the container and when I strand tested it on my very bleached blonde hair, the colour was not turquoise and was dark blue as I assumed. The pastel pink in the photo also shows bright pink hair but there is actually hardly any pigment in this dye that I don’t think it would be able to dye anyone’s hair that colour. Sorry for the bad review, maybe it was just these two that were bad but those were my 2 cents. If you want a trust worthy brand of dye I would suggest lunar tides, never gone wrong with them!
    Cleo November 2021
  • Silver didn't work at all. My hair is bleach blonde, put in the silver which looks blue/green while sitting in your hair, rinsed out after 30mins and my hair is still exact same colour from when I started.
    Fiona Rogers October 2021
  • My hair is thick I bought 4 and used them all to make sure I got every strand and oml I'm impressed literally turned my badly bleached hair the stormy gray colour I wanted and couldnt achieve with any other dye I'm excited to try new colours out
    Myah Waetford September 2021
  • Dont think I'll ever buy again so disappointed went blonde at hairdresser 3weeks ago decided to go bright I brought plum it went a dark violet made my hair feel like straw stained my shower and my skin as I rinsed in shower and now my feet and bum are purple so horrible to use would not recommend at all. It did arrive after 2days what was awesome
    Toni September 2021
  • This Smokey grey DOES NOT WORK! I followed everything correctly and I have bleached hair which it recommended to work better I put TWO tubs of it in my hair and washed it out and it had no affect at all, my hair is still light blonde!
    Pypa September 2021
  • Lilac is great..i think parts of my hair is abit to dark kos it was nicely catching onto my light bits otherwise better then manic panic I reckon. I got compliments at work hehe
    Shalini Lata Edwards-kumar September 2021
  • Ordered 2 slate tubs. First tub i used and followed manufacturers instructions and put on pre lightened hair. Did not turn out at all except for some ugly green and blue marks.
    Michelle Fox August 2021
  • The Flamingo pink is great but I got the neon blue one it was labelled as Neon Blue but it looked more like purple I put it on my hair thinking maybe it's just the way it looks in the container no fully purple
    Yvette Wilson July 2021
  • I used alpine green and I loved it it came out amazing I pre bleached my hair its awesome I got 4 so I can stay this color for a while I'm in love!
    Taylor fawn Smith July 2021
  • All the colours we have tried have been close to pic. Except alpine green which came out blue.
    Jordan March 2021
  • The white toner is really good for yellow hair after bleaching. I went from Trump to Betty White in no time.
    Charlotte March 2020