DynaVap - The "M" 2020

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  • The Basics

    Vaporize without batteries! All you need is a butane torch: just fill, pop the cap on, heat the cap until you hear the CLICK, then you are good to go.

  • Description

    The 2020 "M", still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, now features the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing, chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection, and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece.

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1 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • OMG, the hype is real. This works crazy good, can't believe it is just a bit of metal that you heat with a butane torch but get actual vapor. Make sure you use a jet flame, a regular lighter won't cut it.
    Kayleigh October 2020