Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer

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  • The Basics

    The famous table-top Volcano Hybrid vaporizer from Storz & Bickel in Germany is precision engineered and features the option of using the balloon bag or the traditional whip attachment. Use the app to save your preferred session settings.

  • Directions

    Firstly, see the detailed instruction booklet included with the Volcano Hybrid. Always clean the mouthpieces before use.

    If you are using the app and experience issues, try deleting the app and reinstalling until it works. If it isn't properly installed it can lock the vaporizer.

    TUBE/WHIP instructions:

      • Fill the Filling Chamber with ground dry herb and screw on the Filling Chamber cap. Make sure you don't over-fill the chamber.
      • Switch heat on.
      • Choose temperature.
      • Screw on Filling Chamber.
      • Preheat chamber for approximately 5 seconds.
      • Turn off Air Pump.
      • Put Tube on Filling Chamber.
      • Clean mouthpiece.
      • Inhale.

    BALLOON instructions:

    1. Fill the Filling Chamber with ground dry herb and screw on the Filling Chamber cap. Make sure you don't over-fill the chamber.
    2. Switch heat on.
    3. Choose temperature.
    4. Screw on Filling Chamber.
    5. Preheat chamber for approximately 5 seconds.
    6. Pull Valve Balloon tight.
    7. Put Valve Balloon on Filling Chamber.
    8. Observe vapor density.
    9. Turn off Air Pump.
    10. Unscrew Filling Chamber with full Valve Balloon.
    11. Detach Valve Balloon from Filling Chamber.
    12. Clean Mouthpiece.
    13. Attach Mouthpiece to Valve Balloon.
    14. Inhale.
    1. Features

      • Choose between the balloon or the tube/whip for your delivery method.
      • Double helix heat exchanger means the unit is ready in 40 seconds.
      • Customized app to save your favourite settings, extend the automatic shut-off time and personalize alarm tones. iOS and Androdd compatible.
      • 3 year warranty.
    2. What's in the box

      • 1 Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator
      • Filling Chamber
      • Cap Ring
      • Air Filter Set
      • Normal Screen Set
      • Drip Pad
      • 3pc Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
      • Cleaning Brush
      • Tube Kit (1m) with Tube Flexer and Mouthpiece
      • Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter and Mouthpiece
      • Balloon Fixation Ring
      • Herb Mill
      • Power Cord
      • Instruction booklet

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    4 Customer Reviews

    4 out of 5 stars
    • I am actually surprised more people don't invest in this device. Its not only a sound investment it packs a punch. I could smoke up to 3g in one day and get kinda high, now, 1g a day and I get super baked. This will save you money, time and it's healthy. If you love MJ invest in this, it will even out very soon.
      Mj April 2022
    • Sadly my volcano Hybdrid died after a couple of weeks!! Not impressed!!!!
      Lance New January 2022
    • Got my Hybrid Volcano last week. By far the best vape I've tried. Very simple to use, and packs a punch. Gets us pleasantly wasted!!!! Get one now!!!
      Lance New December 2021
    • This thing is the BEES KNEES. So smooth, so awesome, the perfect party vape for big groups of people!
      Jess Orr March 2020