Ooze Sir Inks A Lot - Glass Rolling Tray Medium

Colour One Colour

Product Details

  • The Basics

    Introducing our latest range of rolling trays from Ooze, your new go-to surface for rolling up! 
    These Glass Rolling Trays take the sophistication and classy look of a glass tray to an entirely new level. 
    The glass material used is totally shatter resistant - meaning you can knock it, drop it on the floor, or slam it down on the table without fear of broken glass!
    Ooze Glass Rolling Trays the perfect centrepiece for your coffee table, whether you’re rolling up or just chilling out. 
    Grow your selection of trays with these unique art designs, they're sure to catch the eye!
  • Description

    He likes big blunts and he cannot lie, you other smokers can't deny.

  • Features

    • Made from durable, shatter-resistant glass
    • Curved/raised edges
  • Size

    • 15.9cm x 25.9cm

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