Mood Swings Ooze Metal Rolling Tray - Small

Colour Mood Swings

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Product Details

  • The Basics

    Introducing our latest range of rolling trays from Ooze, your new go-to surface for rolling up! 
    It functions perfectly while grinding your herb and rolling it up, as an ashtray, and the dope design also makes a great conversation piece. 
    Grab your favourite pack of rolling papers, your favourite filler, and this rolling tray and get crafting.
    Made of durable metal with curved edges, these trays are high quality and built to last. 
    Grow your selection of trays with these unique art designs, they're sure to catch the eye!

  • Description

    Emotions running high? Take a seat and roll up, we'll help you level yourself out.
  • Features

    • Made from durable, long-lasting metal
    • Curved, raised edges
    • Black underside
  • Size

    • 17.7cm x 12.7cm

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