Latino Whizzard Synthetic Urine Kit

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  • The Basics

    This hyper-realistic appendage is quiet and delivers a steady flow with a subtle squeeze. You may need to be wearing the Whizzinator for at least an hour before you plan to use it, so be prepared! For the most realistic experience, practise first by doing a test run using only warm water so you feel confident. Make sure you have everything you need:
  • Description


    • Belt kit with synthetic penis, attached to bladder with temperature strip
    • Two hand-warmers
    • Powdered synthetic urine


    • Two tall glasses
    • Warm water
    • Teaspoon to mix the powdered urine

  • Directions

    • Fill a glass with warm water (it should feel warmer than skin temperature, neither hot nor cold).
    • Take the syringe and fill it to 60mL (with the tip of the syringe submerged in the water, slowly pull the white handle upwards and it will start filling). Once filled to 60mL, expel the water from the syringe into the second glass.
    • Fill the syringe again to 30mL, and expel that water into the second glass. Now you'll have 90mL of warm water.
    • Take the powdered urine from the small vial and empty into the second glass of warm water. Stir with a teaspoon until all the particles have dissolved. It will bubble slightly and smell very realistic.
    • Refill the syringe with the synthetic urine you have prepared, and get the belt kit ready.

    • Unscrew the refill port (white nozzle lid attached to the bladder bag).
    • Position the syringe tip into the refill port and slowly start pressing down on the syringe to fill the "bladder". Don't hurry this step, or it will get messy! When the bladder is full (there will be a small amount of leftover liquid in the glass), withdraw the syringe and twist the nozzle lid on the bag closed.
    • With the nozzle closed and the bladder full of synthetic urine, have a look at the temperature strip on the bladder. This needs to read green on 98. Depending on the warmth of the water you've used, it might be slightly above or below this.

    • Open the heating pack and remove the bag inside.
    • Shake the bag to activate it.
    • Peel off the adhesive backing, and apply the sticky backing side to the back of the bladder (in between the bladder and the belt). This will help the bladder stay at a constant temperature of approximately 98 degrees.

    • The belt needs to be put on "upside down", so the readings on temperature strip are facing you while you are wearing it. The white nozzle should be facing up towards you. The penis will then flop down over the front of the bladder.
    • There is a Velcro tab on the right-hand side of the belt so you can adjust it to fit snugly.

    • To use the Whizzinator, remove the plug from the tip of the penis. Squeeze just below the head of the penis with the thumb on top and the index finger below, and the synthetic urine will flow while you squeeze. It will stop flowing when you stop squeezing. For a realistic continuous stream, push back on the bladder with your hand as you squeeze.
    • For future use, you can purchase pre-mixed synthetic urine and reheat it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.
    • Keep it clean between uses by running a 10/90 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water through the bladder.

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3 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • I prefer it to my real penis and its great for passing tests. Looks really funny if you strap it to a cat the chase it round the house. (see utube)
    sam staples August 2021
  • O noo Oo nooo O no no no no noo
    Moi harry July 2021
  • Great product, even doubles as a dildo
    Uce October 2020