Onyx - Tumbled

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  • The Basics

    Each crystal is between 1-5cm in size. All vary in shape and details, the price listed is for one piece only. The description of metaphysical healing properties and beliefs associated with each stone is considered subjective.
  • Description

    Calming · Empowering · Grounding

    Onyx is a stone used for soothing and calming your emotional stress. It is associated with the healing and strengthening of the heart, both physically and emotionally. Onyx is thought to bring strength and balance to the emotions, and can be helpful to people who are under extreme mental or emotional stress, by encouraging a sense of security. It is a great stone if you are feeling lost, as it brings focus and grounding. Onyx is also seen as an empowering stone, that can help you approach a lesson or task with self-confidence.

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