Indian Agate - Tumbled

Colour One Colour

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  • The Basics

    Each crystal is between 1-5cm in size. All vary in shape and details, the price listed is for one piece only. The description of metaphysical healing properties and beliefs associated with each stone is considered subjective.
  • Description

    Luck · Eternity · Healing

    The Indian Agate has a positive healing influence. It has been used for hundreds of years to give courage, confidence, physical strength, and emotional security. It is a very good protection stone and meditation tool.It is also known as the "stone of eternity", because it can help you to not fear the aging process. It has high energy vibrations, which transmit serenity and patience. Indian Agate is also believed to be infused with healing energies and powers, used to ward off bad luck, evil spirits and misfortune.

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