Green Friday

Ready to make a difference? We are!

This year our fledgling Green Friday event is about giving back to Aotearoa by planting more native trees.A portion of every dollar spent with Cosmic this weekend will go towards our aim to plant one thousand five hundred trees.

Green Friday isn't just about helping the environment; it's about giving back to Aotearoa in a way that makes sense for us. It's about finding new and creative ways to challenge customers to think differently about how and why they shop.With Black Friday being solely about consumerism, we knew we had to flip it on its side and do our best to create a more sustainable promotion.

We've been doing our best to create sustainable options, source ethical products and reduce our carbon footprint—we want to make sure that what we're buying is good for everyone involved, including the planet!

And for the last three years, we have been keeping track.

Check out our efforts so far!

We've long been committed to the environment, and we're proud to continue offering a better alternative to the fast fashion and mass-produced world around us.

So how can you contribute? It's easy! All you have to do is go into any of our 15 stores nationwide between the 25th-27th of November, check out our range of eco-conscious products and every dollar you spend will help us achieve our goal of planting 1500 native trees this Autumn.

AND to help our customers get involved in the goodness of Green Friday, we are offering 25% off our sustainable and eco-friendly products as well as giving away a Cosmic tote bag with every purchase!

Check out some of our collections below and pop into your local Cosmic store this weekend!

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