Cosmic's Green Friday

This year we're turning Black Friday green, and planting 1000+ native trees.

By shopping with us you're helping Cosmic give back to Aotearoa and our local communities.

From the 27th of November to the 1st of December, when you shop online or instore at anyone of our stores nationwide, a portion of every dollar spent will help us plant more native trees.

The Black Friday phenomenon has grown quickly over the years, but we’ve hesitated to jump aboard that crazy train. Cosmic isn’t the kind of store that buys mass produced stock for a sale like fast fashion and bargain department stores tend to do. Our buyers work hard to get good prices that we can offer year round and reward customers with regular in store deals rather than big gimmicky sales.

The idea of Green Friday is new to Cosmic this year, but it’s not a new idea - Our friends at Fashion brand Afends in Byron Bay introduced us to it. All Birds also ran a Green Friday promo in their London store removing all stock for the day and created a space for workshops and live gigs. In Ireland it has become a national day to celebrate supporting local. It’s quite heartening to see a marketing idea solely about consumerism being flipped on its side like this and it was absolutely something we were interested in getting on board with.

We are also doing our best to create sustainable options, source ethical products and reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Friday is about giving back, and finding new and creative ways to challenge customers to think differently about how and why they shop. This year our fledgling Green Friday event is about giving back to Aotearoa by planting more native trees. A portion of every dollar spent with Cosmic will go towards our aim to plant one thousand trees with the help of our friends at Trees that Count. We’re really hoping our customers get behind it, we’re already thinking about what we’d like to do next year!

Trees That Count, are a conservation charity bringing together business, community and everyday Kiwis, with the vision of helping plant 200 million native trees across the country.

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