Yoga by Kotte

Cosmic is proud to support the journey of Yoga by Kotte.

Kotte Tree pose



A proud 'Chi-wi' (Chilean Kiwi), Kotte has brought her special style of yoga and fun to the young people of Christchurch. Whether this be by hosting yoga sessions at music festivals, creating events like the Yoga Hike or bringing her skills to Christchurch's youth justice residence, she is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to try Yoga at least once in their life. Her sparkling force is an inspiration to be around, yet she is unafraid to stand in front of a class and share her vulnerabilities. A relatable and humble yogi, Kotte creates the space where her students can relax and feel comfortable trying new things.




If you have been umming and ahhing about getting yourself to a yoga class, but feel a bit timid at the idea of being a beginner in a room full of bendy people, give Yoga by Kotte a go! She encourages questions, laughter and chat in all of her classes which create a great atmosphere. This is a community that you will want to be a part of. Mixing traditional Vinyasa yoga flow with her authentic way of leading the class, Kotte is dedicated to each and every one of her students - her strong focus on technique means you'll grow your practice in no time! Yoga is all about creating balance between the mind and body, whilst improving strength and flexibility. Who doesn’t want that? The classes are priced to be accessible at $10/hour, a bargain for how good you feel afterwards!


Kotte Joyous pose



Cosmic is all about the people, and we think that Kotte is a great example of a leader within her community. Kotte has been recognised for her achievements by the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards, speaking about her journey at the TEDxYouth conference, and was awarded a scholarship from LivetheDream. Plus, she looks damn good in our leggings! We had a great time photographing Kotte on our mini photoshoot, many laughs and wet headstands. If you would like to find out more about Yoga by Kotte, check out her facebook page for her timetable and upcoming yoga events.


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