Tropical DJ Hi-jinks hits Cuba Mall


(Instore Rave)

On Saturday April 4th come celebrate a tropical day off at Cosmic on Cuba St.



12pm - 4pm - Vinyl Burns (Sunset funk and Disco Daiquiri)

Vinyl Burns is a semi retired show business celebrity superstar and showman DJ. Playing the hits from the upcoming Luau.. He is sure to get your hips swaying.

4pm - 6pm - Py-yay-yaa (Fruity Disco Serenader).

Py-yay-ya are a local electronic producer & MC duo bringing a mix of beach feels, electro jams and disco vibes.

6pm - 8pm - Mojito Del Soul (Neo Tropicana Sleaze Funk)

Blending an exotic selection of tunes that go down like a bowl of kava on a hot night in Fiji, Mojito Del Soul is sure to have you licking your lips for more silky funk jams all night long.

Drink specials at Amsterdam Cafe including the summer brown coffee caramel blast and bounty milkshake (byo Kahlua)

Dress up encouraged, rumour has it there maybe a real life hula girl!

Vinyl Burns knows how to treat the ladies, come check out his set at the Tropical Cosmic Luau!