Lime Crime Unicorn hair - tints vs. full coverage


Lime Crime spent several years developing their hair colour range to get it just right. They knew that it had to look great and be DIY friendly. The result is a cruelty free product that is ultra-conditioning, non-damaging, and smells amazing!

 In 2017 after much patient waiting from LC fans worldwide, Unicorn Hair was launched successfully and has quickly grown in colour range.

At Cosmic we know that even the seasoned DIY maven can come across surprising results on the road to achieving the colour they want, so we want to share as much info as we can to help you get your Unicorn hair!

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair comes in 2 formulas: Full Coverage and Tints. These deliver different results to the hair, so make sure you are aware of the differences before choosing the right product for you!

Unicorn Hair- Full Coverage

Full Coverage contains a higher pigment load and delivers a more saturated colour result. If you are after a vibrant, bold or darker shade - these are included in the full coverage range. These colours will show up best on pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair. They add a tint of colour to dark blonde and light brown hair.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair - Full coverage colours

Unicorn Hair - Tints

Tints are less pigmented and leave a light "water colour" wash  - perfect for adding unicorn rainbows to light hair. Pastel, muted and lighter shades are in the tints range. If you want a softer hint of colour added to your pre-lightened hair, Tints are the right product for you. Lime Crime say results may vary depending on the colour and condition of hair. For best results they recommend starting with hair that has been lightened to medium or pale blonde. For darker hair you would be better off going for a similar toned colour in a full coverage dye, as they will show up better.

Unicorn Hair Tint results


Unicorn Hair - Dilute & On Mute

 The Dilute and On Mute products are designed to be mixers for the hair dye range. They are not specified as Full Coverage or Tints as such, although you would expect On Mute to behave as a Tint if it was worn on its own.

Dilute is a light colour mixer that can be combined with any semi-permanent hair color to create your own custom shade go lighter and more pastel in tone from the original.

Pictured below: Neon Peach + Dilute = Slam dunk Unicorn Hair!

Unicorn Hair Dilute results

On Mute is a smokey grey colour mixer that can be combined with any semi-permanent hair colour to create your own custom shade- this mutes the brightness and makes for a grungier grayed out tone.

Pictured below: Valentine + On Mute = Grunge <3

Unicorn Hair On Mute Results


Whatever colour you are going for, we always recommend plenty of research and strand testing until you achieve the reult you want, and hair you love!

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