It is a Monster Bash - Equinox is coming!


 Cosmic is proud to support Spring Equinox 2014, a multi-zone, multi-genre, monster celebration. Get ready for a gargantuan night, with monumental sounds, mammoth visuals and supernaturally good vibes all round. This year’s main zone, Massive Monster Mash, will be showcasing a line-up to have you stomping all night long. So get ready to release your inner monster to towering tunes and musical mayhem. It’s gonna be a scream! Emerging from under the bed, the Thump in the Night zone brings you all the winners from Massive's annual DJ & Producer competition. All the performers in this zone have fought their way through the judging process for the chance to bring you their thumping tunes on the Massive system.


Spring Equinox 2014 will also be the debut appearance for Lyttelton vinyl fiends, Rotten Radio (107.7 Lyttelton). A monastic society dedicated to playing vinyl and naval gazing and transmitting from a quadriplegic toilet. Rotten Radio will provide all your underground music needs live in the Rotten Radio Lounge, from a selection of Rotten DJ's. INFO - Food, beverages and general necessities will be available for when the monster in your belly is growling. There’s no eftpos, so remember to bring cash and feed that little guy! As always, dress warm, bring plenty of water and a great attitude. Look after your mates and plan to take all your rubbish home when you leave. Please don't bring any glass, dogs or alcohol to the site. Alcohol will be forfeited at the gate and won't be returned. Gates open at 2pm for camping and the Massive Monster Sound System awakes at 5pm.


Pre-sales are $40 + booking fee, available instore and online from Cosmic Ticketing and gate sales are $60.

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This year it all takes place at a stunning site on the Rakaia Coast

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LIVE VISUALS with EzRa, DeliciousTV & Pineal Reality

Massive Monster Mash Zone

17:00 Massive Monster Soundsystem (Massive Mash)

18:00 Little Tizzle (New Vibe Old Vibe)

19:30 Hannah b2b Wubzilla (Global Bass)

21:00 Gasp (DND) (Fresh House)

22:00 Estere w Lola (WLG) (Electricblue Witchhop)

23:00 Dr SiliconCock (Indie Funk Electro Breaks)

00:30 Alphabethead (WLG) (Turntablist Explorations)

01:30 Gooba b2b Insomniac w Taos MC (Jungle Rollout)

03:00 Dose (AKL) (Drum 'n' Bass)

04:30 Reset (Techno)

06:00 Andy Tron (MELB) (Progressive Trance)

07:30 Mike T (Christchurch House Collective)

09:00 Boogie Monster (Willy Styles b2b Chris Boyd) (Do The Monster Boogie!)

11:00 Aleon (Beats 'n' Pieces)

12:00 Yvette Williams (Chilled Keys and Vocals)

Thump in the Night Zone

17:00 Melodious Skunk (Hip-hop & Experimental Beats)

18:00 LXTZ (Dirty Disco)

19:00 Pino (Native House Stomping)

20:00 Rich (Jungle & D’n’B)

21:00 LadyKerbs (NSN) (Neurofunk)

22:00 Scheme (Techno & House)

23:00 Lee Matthews (AKL) (Trap & Bass)

00:00 RandyCD (KBZ) (Drum 'n' Bass)

01:00 Lean Up (NSN) (Grime & Mutant Bass)

02:00 Jabberwocky (Glitch-Hop & Neuro)

03:00 Zimbardy (Progressive Psytrance)

04:00 divinespiral (Progressive)

05:00 DJ Smivs (Fidget & Bassline)

06:00 James Jaymal (Tech House)

07:00 Bruja (Techno)

08:00 Trips In Motion (Dubstep & Drum 'n' Bass)

09:00 Twisted Dub (Minimal Dubs)

Rotten Radio Lounge = A selection of Rotten DJ's.