Be Cruelty free with antonym!


Cosmic has always been known for the hippy factor, let’s be honest :D

From incense, prayer flags and beads, to alternative clothing and smoking related products, the vibe in Cosmic is unique, upbeat, and always colourful. As time moves on, we’re getting a lot more conscious of how we’re treating our world and the effects our actions have on the environment. We’ve become more and more aware of where we get our products and how they are made. In particular our lovely make-up wearing ladies have been keen on wearing Beauty products that are not only good to them, but kind to the environment and most especially, protective of the animal kingdom. With the help of staff and customers alike who feel strongly about this, we’ve been excited to grow a Beauty range which highlights cruelty free options, and includes many products that are also vegan, organic and sustainable. That’s why we are particularly amped about our latest find Antonym, and super proud to spread the word.


Antonym Cosmetics is exclusive to Cosmic here in New Zealand and is Certified Organic, the first cosmetic range to have an Ecocert accreditation. The full range is made from natural ingredients, is vegan*  and cruelty free. Even the beautiful packaging is made from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo.

It’s become more and more well-known that many highly regarded ‘Big Name’ beauty & make-up brands are known to test their products on animals.  Here in New Zealand us Kiwis have decided this is a major no no and just recently this was recognised by amendments to the Animal welfare bill which states that animals are sentient beings just like us.  Heck yeah they are!

To add to the long list of offending animal testers, your average beauty product can be packed with any number of chemical ingredients you can’t even pronounce. It can be a painstaking task to decipher the list on the back of your fav foundation to work out exactly what you’ve put on your skin and even scarier still when you google it to find out. With Antonym, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. Simple, high quality, pronounceable, natural ingredients inside beautiful sustainable packaging.

It makes ya feel good just thinking about it!

Hoorah! Long live the ever growing collective of earth conscience companies and brands, let's make it a cruelty free world of makeup! The Antonym range is available in all Cosmic Stores where you can test it out to determine your fav colour, or shop now by clicking below to check out our exclusive premium organic range.


*Antonym Lipsticks contain Organic Beeswax and are not currently available at Cosmic.