Myohm Salts

Myohm is super excited to launch our range of nicotine salt e-liquids! Available in American Tobacco, Georgia Peach, Ice Mint, Grapevine and Vanilla Pod, the salts are designed to work best in pods devices. At 35mg, nicotine salts provide a satisfying and smooth vape experience and are tailored to heavy smokers who are looking to quit and need a faster delivery of nicotine than provided by traditional vapes.


So you might be thinking, what does all of this mean for you as a vaper? And why should you try nicotine salts rather than just sticking to ordinary nicotine juice?

The advantage of using a nicotine salt is that it provides vapers with better nicotine blood absorption and it comes with a super mild throat hit when inhaled. This means you will feel more satisfied after a single puff and it will ensure a lower consumption of e-liquid overall. It’s the perfect way to get that highly craved nicotine buzz from any discreet pod device and makes it ideal for smokers making the switch.




Nicotine salts use a different type of nicotine to provide a higher concentration with a smoother taste. Nicotine used in salt form is identical to the nicotine found in tobacco leaves, with a pH adjuster added to the liquid making it a super smooth vaping experience.


We believe this is ground breaking technology in helping kick the habit of smoking. If you, or someone you know are thinking about trying to quit smoking the new myohm Salts could be the very thing you have been searching for!


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