Lamberts Luscious loves beards




Facial hair has been making a comeback for some time now. Nearly every man and his dog has a beard these days and here at Cosmic, we have many hairy faced employees repping the style… and we’re loving it!

You could say Cosmic is a little late on the pickup, but to be honest, we were searching for the perfect Men’s Grooming brand that would fit in with our amazing range of products… and we found it.

Lambert’s Luscious is made in New Zealand, Certified Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free. It ticks all the boxes. The packaging looks like it’s stepped out of a Barbour shop in the 1910’s and the scents are divine, it has passed the rigorous testing from our bearded men friends! Whether you have a ‘The Full Beard’, ‘Extended Goatee’, ‘Mutton Chops’, or go for the more exotic ‘Balbo’, ‘Chin Strip’ or ‘Soul Patch’, facial hair of any kind needs some TLC and grooming to enhance the glorious whiskers to their full potential.

The Mirror UK have revealed “it takes British men, on average 67 days to grow what they consider to be “the perfect beard”. That’s a good amount of time invested in your face, and you wouldn’t want to put that to waste! Lambert’s Luscious Beard Oils use four kinds of oils including Vitamin E and Jojoba to penetrate deep into the hair, softening and moisturising to make your beard manageable and to bring out its natural colour. The outcome is a decrease in skin irritation and the essential oils act as a natural astringent, cleansing the hair and skin, healing nicks and cuts from shaving. The L.L handy Rimu Beard Comb can fit in your wallet or pocket for the ultimate convenience of beard upkeep in any situation.

If you’re after a product to help shape and sculpt your moustache only? Lambert’s got it locked. His Moustache Wax includes super hard beeswax and essential oils for the ultimate hold throughout the day and into the night. The higher north the point of your moustache goes… the more debonair, the more powerful…. ain’t nobody going mess with you, close those deals, work that angle!


Now, we wouldn’t want to discriminate on the smooth faced men of the nation, and neither would Lambert’s Luscious. That’s why we have also included his Luxury Moisturising Shave Soap and Boar Bristle Brush into our range. Be a gentleman and a scholor with this dapper duo. A perfect gift that will guarantee luxury, performance, comfort and style.

Beards are majestic, magnificent and manly and most of all, the best thing a girl (or guy) can nuzzle into at the end of a hard day. The added benefits of a scented beard is yet to be scientifically proven, but as a beard lover myself, I can vouch that a touch of beard oil has some magic that goes a long way to creating a memorable cuddle.

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