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Product Details

  • The Basics

    Meet your new hair colour addiction, Lunar Tides! With a stunning range of magical semi-permanent shades for you to crush on! Lunar Tides is a true indie brand, female owned and operated since 2013. Striving to make the best quality hair colours in every unique shade imaginable! They are carefully formulated to be non-damaging and condition your hair while you use them.
  • Directions

      • Patch and strand test 24 hours prior to colouring
      • Bleach hair 24 hours prior to application to a level 10 blonde for best results
      • Shampoo the hair and towel dry
      • Apply colour evenly in sections throughout hair with a tint brush
      • Leave colour on for a minimum of 35 minutes, once you are happy with the development, rinse out colour thoroughly with cold water and condition
  • Features

    • Semi-permanent dye, the colours last around 4 weeks
    • Each tub contains 118ml hair colour
    • 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free
    • Non toxic ingredients
  • Precautions

    • To achieve the best results, we recommend bleaching the hair to a level 10 blonde 24 hours before colour application
    • We recommend doing a colour patch test 48 hours prior to application to ensure your skin will not have a reaction or irritation to the product
    • We recommend doing a strand test on the hair 24 hours prior to application to determine development time and results before colouring full head
    • Do not dye eyelashes or eyebrows
    • If product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with clean water
    • Colours can sometimes stain certain surfaces and materials, use with care
    • Colours can stain the skin on hands and face, we recommend using gloves to apply dye and moisturiser around the hairline to protect skin
    • Colour results depend on the application and condition of the hair
    • Do not mix Lunar Tides with Peroxide
    • Shades may vary at manufacturer’s discretion
    • We suggest purchasing at least 2 tubs to ensure you have enough product to fully cover your hair
  • Ingredients

    Water, Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Behentrimonium chloride, Glycerin, Stearalkonium chloride, Cetrimonium chloride, Carthamus tinctorius (hybrid safflower) seed oil, Sorbic acid, Hydrolyzed oat protein, Hydrolyzed rice protein, Colour.

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12 Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
  • I was so happy with the colour it turned out it was exactly what i wanted but it all washed out immediately. I washed my hair 3 days after dying it and in 1 wash all the colour was gone
    Rachael Duffy January 2022
  • did not work! i followed the instructions exactly but when i rinsed my hair all the colour came out even when i was told by the luna tides website and cosmic that it would stick to my hair(i have light brown hair with bleached highlights) it only barley stuck to my bleached highlights
    glo January 2022
  • I absolutely love Lunar Tides! I bought Cerulean Sea as they didn't have Juniper Green and I have never loved my hair so much. The colour is amazing and was so easy to use and smells lovely. I have quite fine, thin hair so one jar was plenty for me. I will never dye my hair a standard colour again and look forward to trying other colours.
    Sam January 2022
  • I bought 2 shades of lunar tides and omg it's so hard to get out... I dropped some on the carpet and it is legit stained for life. It does note that if you buy blue based it is a color that sticks well, but with wet hair it transfers way to easily. For my own personal hair it's not all that good keeping it healthy, but that could be due to my own negligence in bleaching it. If you want a good long lasting color definitely, but wear gloves and have a strong remover for it, I had to use watered down bleach to get it off my skin it's that good.
    Alyssa December 2021
  • I have extremely mixed feelings on this. I purchased amethyst and used the entire pot on freshly bleached, short hair, left it in for slightly over the recommended time, and it came out more as a silver with slightly purple tones instead of as the photos described. It's a cool hair colour, I'm just disappointed that it wasn't the purple it described, and I'm not overly happy with that (I was going to buy plum for a richer colour but it was out of stock).
    Chaii December 2021
  • This dye left my shower stained blue, had to use tough cleaners and scrub it all and then bleach to get it all off, and then it happened again the next 2 hair washes after the first rinse and it kept leaking colour so all my towels have blue on them now too. not worth the effort and mess of colour everywhere, never had this happen with any other colours ive used
    larissa November 2021
  • I love it, I’ve been using lunar tides for 2 years now in a variety of colours the lychee pink is my favourite I’m about to get it all over after currently having periwinkle, plum and fuchsia pink streaks on my pre lightened hair, it goes on easy, best done on damp hair the mixture goes quite far too it’s very conditioning and hair feels very healthy after even if it’s been bleached, colour lasts quite well too, be sure to use cold water when rinsing to make the most of the brights ? very happy customer and will continue to use these wonderful dyes
    Aleasha Clark November 2021
  • I purchased the Siam orange and I love how it turned out, but I will say my turned a lot more red with this colour so if that's what not what you want go for a pure orange.
    May October 2021
  • Easy to apply to hair and the smell was nice aswel we used fuchsia pink and definitely was bright
    Ben Reriti September 2021
  • I’ve used : citrine sea, fuchsia pink, cyan sky and solar flare. I can say that fuchsia pink was definitely the brightest and stayed the longest. I didn’t need to bleach my hair very light either, it went well on orange toned bleached hair. Citrine sea was alright but definitely needs to be on very light bleached hair. Mine was still a little orange and the yellow turned orangey. Cyan sky was also the case as the hair needs to be light for it to show up well. I now use solar flare frequently and although it doesn’t need very light hair to stick to, it does fade to a golden colour after a week. I might try out the other brands orange and see how that goes
    Cleo Devliotis❤️ August 2021
  • Amazing the colour is amazingly green and vibrant easy to use and apply can't wait to buy more
    Bianca November 2020
  • Amazing the colour is amazingly green and vibrant easy to use and apply can't wait to buy more
    Bianca November 2020