Super Salts Strawberry Ripe 30mL Sub Ohm Salts

Size 30mL
Strength 3mg

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  • The Basics

    Strawberry Ripe from Super Salts is like inhaling a full punnet of fresh, ripe strawberries, without having to wait for summer!

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4 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Good strawberry option, bit of ice, very refreshing.
    Robbie June 2022
  • delicious flavour like strawberry hard lollies!
    Thandi June 2022
  • Yeah it’s my go to flavour. But the fact that, every few bottles, it takes ages to open the bottle, is beyond me. This evening I spent 30 minutes trying to open it, ended up breaking a blade I own by trying to open it, cut myself in my finger in the process. Not in any way cosmics fault but instead a manufacturer fault. Otherwise it taste good but damn, it’s not a vault, no need to make it inaccessible.
    John February 2022
  • This is delish, not too sweet but sweet enough! Has a lovely strawberry taste that rolls off the tongue.. Super Salts are my new go-to range! Yummy as
    Maggie May 2021