Super Salts Purple Grape 10mL Nic Salts

Colour 10mL
Size 20mg

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  • The Basics

    The GOAT (Grapest Of All Time)
    Purple Grape by Super Salts does not skimp on flavour, providing the classic, sweet, dark grape flavour we all know and love

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2 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • This juice is called Purple Grape for a reason, it packs a vineyard of flavour and provides a delectable aftertaste due to its pungent flavour. If you like grape juices then this is the grape for you, it will provide a satisfying hit with any pod device.
    Louis June 2022
  • Decent grape flavour and a touch of ice that helps cut the sweetness.
    Robbie June 2022