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  • The Basics

    The myohm is a closed system or 'pre-filled' e-cig, which means it is as easy as popping a pod into the battery and vaping. There are no buttons to push, as inhaling activates the vapor production.

    The myohm is a pre-filled pod system which is perfect for beginners and experienced vapers who want a stealthy device to take out on a big night.

  • Directions

    It's simple to use:

    • Fast charging: fully charges in an hour.
    • Discreet size: almost as small as a cigarette, so it will fit discreetly in your pocket.
    • Draw: the tight draw is very similar to a cigarette.
    • Economy: one pod contains a similar amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes, and approximately 200 puffs per cartridge.
  • Features

    Myohm air has the following flavours available to vape with the myohm air device (sold seperately):

    • Lemonade: A tall glass of cool sweet lemonade.
    • Menthol: An Arctic blast of menthol.
    • Tobacco: Kentucky tobacco courtesy of 13th Floor Elevapors and their award-winning flavour Django.
    • Gold Tobacco: smooth, classic tobacco.
    • Grape: Rich, full-bodied grape.
    • Cola Chill: Cola with a citrus twist.
    • Mango: A tangy, true mango which is a perfect all-day vape.
    • Vanilla Tobacco: smooth tobacco laced with caramel and vanilla notes.
  • What's in the box

    • One myohm air battery
    • One USB charger
    • Instructions and warranty information
  • Specs

    • Power and range: 1.8ohm, 240mAh
    • Charging: USB
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Dimensions: L: 8.4mm H: 0.6mm D: 1.9mm
    • Weight: 14.3g

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6 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Stopped smoking immedietly with this bad boy. Super easy to use. No leaking and holds a great charge.
    Emily Sultan March 2020
  • I've tried a lot of different vapes and was still smoking but this little gem is so easy and satisfying I haven't smoked for over 18 months!
    Elle Hendriks March 2020
  • Great device. Cola is the best flavor. You can also get these pods from vaporium in different flavors, their best is Anzac.
    Elliot Parkes January 2020
  • Easy to use and compares well to the more expensive Uwell units. Compact size is ideal for a night out.
    Leon Botha January 2020
  • its a nice way to vape small and handy
    mine9969 December 2019
  • Way cheaper than the Juul and I reckon it's better anyway.
    Megan September 2019