Pink Airis Aura Device

Colour Pink

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Product Details

  • Description

    Love the Airis Puff Bars but want to go a little easier on the environment? Airis have come up with a solution!

    The Airis Aura is a rechargeable pod device, just pop in a cartridge of your favourite Airis flavour and enjoy the smooth and bold flavours you know and love!

  • Features

    • Large 550mAh battery
    • Rechargeable battery (Micro USB)
    • Easy pod connection, simply insert and twist to secure
  • What's in the box

    • x1 Airis Aura Device
    • x1 Micro USB Cable
    • x1 Instruction Manual
  • Specs

    • Battery: 550mAh
    • Liquid Capacity: 3.5mL
    • Charging: Micro USB

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5 Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars
  • Good battery life and yum flavour options. Easy to maintain and cheaper than a lot of other pod units.
    Robbie June 2022
  • This is a high V2$ vape. If you want a pod vape that goes and goes and doesn't burn a hole in your wallet(financially AND lithium explosionally), this might be the vape for you.
    P B June 2022
  • Taste is good and it’s easy to use, but got a bad flavor really quick. Probably I ran out of juice… but seems way too fast, bought new refills, that same happened ?
    Supergirl April 2022
  • been using this device for about 5 days and it still hasn't run out of battery :) came fully charged out of the box so i could start using straight away ! also love the cute pink colour ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾
    bonnie January 2022
  • I think it's a great size and taste, but the flavor turns bad very fast. I bought a new set of pods that night the flavor went bad again, Like a gas flavor. Is it the battery? Or is it a bad batch ?
    Sarah Chinnery December 2021