Titan-1 Portable Vaporizer

Titan-1 Portable Vaporizer

The Titan-1 is a hand-held portable vaporizer for dry herb blends only

The Titan-1 is a hand-held portable vaporizer which has a removable mouthpiece, metal heating chamber and built-in mesh cover. It has three temperature settings : red 360°F, green 380°F, and blue 420°F. The Titan is for dry herb blends only, and for the best experience you will need a grinder to make sure the herb is finely ground before use. The mouthpiece can get hot with heavy usage, so there are two long-handled mouthpieces included to solve this problem. This device is designed for intermittent use. Needs to be charged after every use.

Included :

1 x Vaporizer unit

1 x detachable mouthpiece

1 x USB charger

3 x replacement screens

2 x long-handled mouthpieces

4 x sanitary mouthpiece tips & cleaning brush

3 month Guarantee