Storz & Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer

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Product Details

  • The Basics

    The Storz & Bickel MIGHTY is a pocket-sized portable vape with great vapour production and superb flavour. Battery powered and uses patented hot air convection and conduction technology for a perfect vape every time.

  • Directions

    • Charge the unit using the mains power adaptor. When the battery symbol shows all 6 fields, the unit is ready to use.
    • Grind your herb finely, then fill the filling chamber by turning the cooling unit at the top of the device with a 90 degree rotation to remove it from the device. Fill the chamber to the top of the plastic rim. If you do not fill the chamber completely, use the drip pad accessory over the herb.
    • You can also use the filling aid accessory to load the chamber cleanly each time. Read the instruction manual for details on how to do this.
    • Mount the cooling unit back onto the vaporizer and and heat up by pressing the orange ON/OFF switch 
    • The vaporizer will switch off automatically after two minutes to preserve power.
    • Disassemble and clean the unit after use.
  • Features

    • Portable, efficient vaporization fromt he first draw.
    • Large filling chamber can be used for herb and liquid use with the drip pad accessory.
    • Easy to use temperature settings.
    • Powerful batteries and the unit can be used while charging.
  • What's in the box

    • 1 MIGHTY vaporizer
    • 1 power adapter 240v
    • 1 set of spare seal rings
    • 3 spare screens 15mm
    • 1 drip pad 15mx5mm
    • 1 filling aid
    • 1 herb grinder 59mm
    • 1 dosing capsule
    • 1 cleaning brush
    • Manual
  • Troubleshooting

    • MIGHTY can't be switched on: ensure the battery is charged or the vaporizer is connected to the mains for pass-through vaping. If the vaporizer still doesn't work, the unit is faulty.
    • ERR001: the battery is too hot. Allow the vaporizer to cool down.
    • ERR002: the battery is too cold. Allow the vaporizer to warm up.
    • ERR003: the power adaptor is not suitable.
    • ERR004: the unit is faulty. Disconnect from the mains and return to Cosmic.

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