DynaVap - The "M" 2021

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  • The Basics

    Vaporize without batteries! All you need is a butane torch: just fill, pop the cap on, heat the cap until you hear the CLICK, then you are good to go.

  • Description

    The 2021 "M" is the 5th generation of the incredible Dynavap. Still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, the 2021 "M" still utilises the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing, chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection. The extraction chamber features updated serrated edge for easier dosing, and the 10mm tapered mouthpiece fits perfectly with most water pipes.

    6 month warranty from date of purchase. NOTE: The Dynavap Cap is a consumable item, so once heated/used, the warranty is voided on this part.

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1 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Brilliant lil nifty gadget. Was sketical at first but after youtubing n always vaping till battery flat, this is ideal tool, took the hit n bought it. While may seem expensive for a piece of steel pipe but its well crafted n after experimenting I managed to get really good hits out of it. Plus you can attach it to water bongs for cooler thicker hits. Crews at cosmic palmy were very friendly n helpful.
    Wang shu May 2021