Vaporite VR001 Solo Natural Desktop Vaporizer

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Product Details

  • The Basics

    Vaporite are the world's most popular brand of vaporiser and the Solo is one of the best models available. It lets anyone avoid the harmful effects of smoking, at an affordable price. Your favourite herbs will also taste fresher and better.
  • Description

    The Vaporite Solo uses a passive hot air design, meaning inhalation draws fresh air over a ceramic heating rod. Precisely heated air percolates through the herb, releasing the active ingredients as a fine mist or vapor, with no combustion and no smoke. Used as directed, that means no tars, ash or other harmful by-products of combustion. The delicious taste of your favourite herbs has got to be tried to be believed!
  • Features

    • Solid hardwood box
    • Adjustable temperature control with digital readout
    • High quality ceramic heating element
    • Power fuse that is user serviceable
    • Blue and green LED backlights
  • Included

    • Full set of instructions
    • Hose and mouthpiece
    • Hands-free aromatherapy attachment
    • Spare screens
    • Cleaning pokers.
  • Precautions

    For legal use only. Use only as directed.

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