Spa20 Diamond Scales 20g x 0.001g

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  • The Basics

    Perfect for precise weighing of small items.

    The Infyniti Spectra SP-20 Milligram Scale is a highly accurate compact tabletop scale that measures up to 20g with an accuracy down to 0.002g. Perfect for weighing gems and small items, this scale is incredibly precise. Features a digital display, four weighing modes, Tare function, auto-shutoff function and a large 44mm weighing tray. Can be registered with Infyniti's 30 year lifetime warranty.

  • Features


    • Digital display
    • Tare Full Capacity
    • Auto shut off after 60 seconds
    • 4 x AAA batteries included
    • Specs


      • Capacity: 20g 
      • Accuracy: 0.001g 
      • Weighing modes: g/dwt/gn/ct
      • Large weighing tray: 44mm
      • Scale Dimensions: 149mm x 69mm x 41mm
      • Acceptable Tolerance: +/- 0.003g

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