RAW Black 1 1/4 Papers

Colour One Colour
Size 1 1/4

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Product Details

  • Description

    RAW Black Paper is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest unbleached rolling paper RAW have ever made. These papers are so thin that it allows you to truly taste your terps!

  • Features

    • Made with non-GMO unbleached fibres and gum from organic Acacia tree sap
    • Vegan-friendly
    • 1 1/4 size
    • 50 Leaves per pack

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1 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • These are my favourite papers. They are the thinnest of the raw range and as a result burn slow and are a bit smoother and tastier to smoke than the regular raw hemp papers (which are also great). 100/10
    Bri B June 2022