MDMA Reagent Testing Multipack

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  • The Basics

    There's some dodgy stuff out there and it's never been more important to stay safe and know your stuff. Reagent tests are legal chemicals which change colour when exposed to tiny samples of common drugs.



  • Description

    This MDMA Reagent Testing Multipack is a literal life saver! Perfect for testing crystal MDMA and ecstasy pills, this kit will detect the presence of eutylone, N-ethylpentylone, MDA, MDMA, PMA and PMMA among others.

    The kit has enough solution for approximately 40 tests. It is essential to use more than one reagent on a sample as no single reagent can detect everything present in your product.

    Note: it's normal to have crystals present in your reagent. The test will still work!


  • Precautions

    Reagents contain fast-reacting, corrosive chemicals which will damage clothes, wood, metal, and other materials.

    ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection. Read ALL instructions included thoroughly before proceeding.

    If reagents contact the skin, eyes, or mouth then rinse immediately with cold water. Seek medical attention if over 1/20th (0.5g) of the bottle is swallowed.

    Store in a secure place, out of reach of children. Storing in the fridge will extend shelf life. You can check your reagents are still active by testing with aspirin and following the test result chart.

    Shelf life information at 18C: 9-12 months.

    NOTE: if your tests come with a date on the bottle, please note this is the manufacturing date, not an expiry date.


  • Troubleshooting

    Why are the reagents solid crystal granules?

    It is normal that the reagents are in solid form. There are micro-scoops included with the tests.

    Please watch this video, it will make you an expert in using the tests. 
    The solid tests work using the same chemistry as the old liquid tests so it’s just a case of the instructions being slightly different. The crystals are extremely reliable as well as having the following advantages:

    • Reduced spill risk increases safety
    • Increased ability to see subtle colour changes, particularly for drugs with dark changes like MDMA
    • Increased compliance with corrosive substances laws
    • Increased number of tests per bottle reduces waste
    • No need to wait for a drop to slowly emerge from the bottle (or alternatively, no need to dangerously shake the bottle to get a drop out faster)

    If you follow the instructions (paper ones included) very closely then you will get the best results. The best technique is to create a layer of test granules over a small amount of crushed substance – the video shows the perfect technique.

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1 Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • It has never been more important to substance test anything you are considering ingesting. This product, used sparingly and according to instructions will keep you and yours safe. If you find yourself buying multiple EZtests in the year, definitely consider this! huge value
    P B May 2022