Cocaine Reagent Testing Multipack

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  • The Basics

    This Cocaine Reagent Testing Multipack is a literal life saver!

    Cocaine is one of the most regularly altered drugs on the market, with distributors significantly diluting their cocaine and adding "active cutting agents" which have similar effects to cocaine but can cause a myriad of other issues like insomnia and paranoia. These cuts are often less enjoyable which leads to people taking more to compensate, exaggerating the negative effects even further.

    The kit has enough solution for approximately 40 tests. It is essential to use more than one reagent on a sample as no single reagent can detect everything present in your product.

  • Description

    There's some dodgy stuff out there and it's never been more important to stay safe and know your stuff. Reagent tests are legal chemicals which change colour when exposed to tiny samples of common drugs.


  • Precautions

    Reagents contain fast-reacting, corrosive chemicals which will damage clothes, wood, metal, and other materials.

    ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection. Read ALL instructions included thoroughly before proceeding.

    If reagents contact the skin, eyes, or mouth then rinse immediately with cold water. Seek medical attention if over 1/20th (0.5g) of the bottle is swallowed.

    Store in a secure place, out of reach of children. Storing in the fridge will extend shelf life. You can check your reagents are still active by testing with aspirin and following the test result chart.

    Shelf life information at 18C: Marquis 6-9 months / Mandelin 5-7 months / Liebermann just under 12 months



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