Plasma Lighter - Iridescent

Plasma Lighter - Iridescent

USB Plasma lighter


  • Rechargeable flameless lighter has superior firepower
  • USB rechargeable flameless lighter uses clear and low-carbon electricity instead of traditional butane gas and oil
  • Plasma lighter is flameless and ignite cigarette without any poisonous gas
  • Comes with USB charger


  • Please do not put the lighter into water or other liquid, otherwise the lighter will short circuit.
  • When finishing charge (usually 2 hours), please do not still connect with power supply, otherwise CPENT lighter will damage the life time of battery.
  • The temperature around the electric arc can reach 400℃, please do not touch it.
  • When the dosage of the battery is running out, the LED indicator turns red, please charge immediately in order to prolong the life time of the battery.