Manic Panic Velvet Violet Pastel Crème

Manic Panic Velvet Violet Pastel Crème

This plush shade of orchid is great for achieving galaxy hair.

The Creamtones™ Collection was named after the 3-piece acapella act "The Creamtones" that included Tish, Snooky, and their good friend Diana Mae Munch.

For true to swatch results with all Creamtones colours, apply to hair that is pre-lightened to a level 10 platinum blonde. 

Always do a preliminary patch and strand test.

All dyes are vegan and PPD-free, paraben-free, and ammonia-free. Tested on Celebrities, Not Animals™!

To achieve the best results with Manic Panic Creamtone Pastel Shades, pre-lighten hair to an even level 10 platinum blonde using Manic Panic Flash Lightning 30 or 40 volume bleach.
1) Shampoo the hair thoroughly with a deep cleansing shampoo, do not condition. Dry hair completely.
2) Empty the desired amount into a colouring bowl and apply with a tint brush.
3) Do not apply to the scalp, but ½ inch away from the skin. Saturate hair thoroughly. Comb evenly throughout the hair until it becomes frothy.
4) Cover hair in plastic cap. Leave on for 30 minutes or longer. For more intense results, process with heat.
5) Rinse hair in cool water away from the face and body until it runs clear.

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