Lit- Lovely & Delicious - Size #2 - Orange

Lit- Lovely & Delicious - Size #2 - Orange

Deep burnt sienna orange- who doesn't want to be as lovely and delicious as this pumpkin shade?

0.14 oz Glitter Colour- Solid

Size #2 = Small Cut (.004 x .004)

Loose cosmetic grade glitter, super sparkly and gentle on sensitive skin.

Lit products are designed to be applied in conjunction with the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ and specially designed brushes. This base means that the glitter stays put until you remove it!


No Parabens
No Sulfates
No Phthalates

Polyethylene Terephthalate CAS-No 25038-59-9
Acrylates Copolymer CAS-No 9010-88-2
Surface Binder CAS-No 125826-44-0 Polyurethane 33
Polyethylene Naphthalate CAS-No 25853-85-4
Polymethyl Methacrylate CAS-No 9011-14-7
Acrylic Resin
Melamine Resin
Aluminum CAS-No 7429-90-5 CI 77000