Lime Crime Unicorn Hair – Salad

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair – Salad

Add a light water colour wash of colour to your pre-lightened hair with Unicorn Hair Tints. Salad is a pastel mint green tint, and much more delicious that its namesake.

Unicorn Hair fantasy hair colour is finally here! Developed by our purple-haired CEO Doe Deere, this semi-permanent hair dye is designed to last longer & fade gracefully. Unicorn Hair is a vegetable dye formulated with only the purest, vegan ingredients that are gentle on the hair. Comes in Full Coverage and Tint formulas. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

What it does: Turns you into a real-life unicorn! Conditions hair while depositing clean, vibrant colour that lasts longer, fades gradually & gracefully.

What it won't do: Damage your hair. Turn into a dull shade unworthy of a unicorn!


Apply to pre-bleached, clean, unconditioned hair. Massage colour into each strand. For longer-lasting, more intense results, leave the dye in for 1-2 hours. For more pastel results, wash out after 30 minutes. Don’t worry, Unicorn Hair will not damage your hair, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach! Rinse until water runs clear, shampoo & condition as usual. To extend the life of your colour, use shampoo for colour-treated hair in between colourings.

Lime Crime products are PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. As part of the Leaping Bunny pledge, our suppliers also certify that no animal testing is ever performed at any point in our supply chain.


6.76 fl oz / 200 mL


This product is not intended for use anywhere on the face or in the immediate eye area, It must not be used to dye the eyelashes or eyebrows, To do so may cause harm to the eyes. Always protect your clothing and work space prior to application; wear gloves. Perform a preliminary patch test, As Unicorn Hair contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals. You can use a cotton swab to apply a tiny amount of Unicorn Hair to the skin (usually on the nape of the neck or near the elbow). Wait 24 hours and be alert for any signs of redness or irritation. If any irritation presents discontinue use immediately. Unicorn Hair is ready to use. Do not mix with developers, lighteners, or any permanent hair colourant. Unicorn Hair may temporarily stain skin and will permanently stain fabric. Keep out of reach of children.

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