Himalayan Salt Lamp w-Brown Base

Colour One Colour
Size 1.5-2kg

This item is currently only available for delivery to NZ addresses.

Product Details

  • The Basics

    If you have experienced the fresh air at a waterfall, on a mountain top, at the beach, or after a thunderstorm - then you have experienced the results of Negative ions. The air smells fresher and is much easier for you to breathe. Negative Ions are displaced electrons in the air. A Himalayan salt lamp in your home, office, or work space can help create some of that "fresh feel alive" feeling.

    • Helps clean air pollution
    • Promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress
    • Brings a positive energy into your home
    • Build Alertness
    • Is a natural dehumidifier
    • Makes a great night light for children

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