The Chameleon Game

Colour One Colour

Product Details

  • The Basics

    • Everyone knows the secret word except for the Chameleon.
    • Using one carefully chosen descriptive word each, you all try to smoke out the Chameleon who is bluffing like mad to try and pin the blame on somebody else.
    • But be careful: choose a description that’s too obvious and you might give away the secret word.
    • Choose a description that’s too vague and people might start to think that you’re the guilty one.
  • Description

    Everybody knows the secret word, except for the Chameleon! But who could the Chameleon be?

    The Chameleon is a game of social deduction and mob mentality, with players working together to catch the imposter without giving away the secret word. One of you is the hidden Chameleon, but who?

  • Specs

    • Players: 3 - 8
    • Play Time: 5 - 10 min

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