Protect + Clear Lightseed Candle

Colour Protect + Clear

Product Details

  • The Basics

    Lightseed candles are pure soy candles, hand made in Waikuku Beach, right here in NZ.

    Each candle comes with a special keepsake card of affirmations to further help you relax, protect, cleanse, release, uplift and aid intuition and connection.

  • Description

    Myrr + Frankincense + Pomegranate
    Powerful and exotic with spicy woods amidst a veil of fruity sweetness. Relax as the enchanting aromas are released.

    Amethyst for protection and blocking of negative energies, it is calming to the mind and protects against nightmares. 
    Black Tourmaline transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration, provides protection.

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