iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

best for Intermediate to advanced vapers: sub-ohm vapers, people working outdoors who need a long battery life between charges.

*Ships to NZ Only*

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Special Price $79.95

Contains: x1 MVP 3.0 PRO Battery, USB charger, eGo adapter, built-in USB out charger


Features & Tips:

-          4500mAh power means it will last a long time between charges, even for a chain vaper.

-          It is a power bank for mobile phones, cameras, and other USB powered devices, as it has a micro USB out cable built into the base.

-          Pass-through charging: you can vape while you recharge.

-          Variable wattage/voltage, fires up to 60W.

-          Regulated protection: will cut out before overheating, short-circuiting, and over-discharging.

-          SOLID construction. These beauties will take a licking and keep on kicking, so are perfect for the clumsy/accident-prone/alcoholics among us.

-          To get the longest life out of the MVP 3.0 PRO, always recharge well before the battery has died.

-          The MVP 3.0 PRO will save your current wattage/voltage preference, so to change it you need to hold down the + or – button for two seconds, then press again and it will come out of the current setting.

-          Charge light: green for full, yellow for half, red for dead.

-          Flip the screen orientation by holding the + and – down for three seconds.

-          Puff counter shows up by holding the + and – down for one second.

-          Switch to variable voltage by holding down the – button and then the fire button.


Recommended Tanks:

-          Kanger Subtank/Toptank range

-          Under 20W only: Aspire Nautilus, Aerotank V2, Gladius X

Mini Protank and iClear 16 can be used with eGo Adapter

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