Fast Blast - Quick Fox Focus 2pk

Fast Blast - Quick Fox Focus 2pk

150mg caffeine per capsule, One capsule of Fast Blast is equivalent to 1 ½ 60mL espresso shots.

Blast and Fast Blast are pure powdered caffeine in vegetarian capsules.

Caffeine is the world’s most widely used psychoactive drug, and a potent stimulant. Alertness, euphoria and increased attention span are the main effects, and last for about four hours after a dose.

A moderate daily dosage for adults is 300mg-400mg per day, but we recommend taking no more than two capsules of Blast or Fast Blast per day. Be very careful with your coffee consumption while using Blast or Fast Blast! Everyone’s tolerance is different depending on their daily use habits, but you have had too much caffeine if you experience the following symptoms:

             - Jitters, anxiety, nervousness

             - Increased heart-rate/palpitations

             - Nausea or stomach pain

             - Sweating

             - Dizziness