Joyetech eVic V2 Mini Mod

Joyetech eVic V2 Mini Mod

The eVic V2 Mini mod uses replaceable 18650 batteries and is one of our favourite mods. Upgradeable firmware means you can upgrade the features on the mod by plugging it into your laptop.

*Ships to NZ Only*

Regular Price: $109.95

Special Price $98.95

Contains: x1 eVIC Mini 2 unit, x1 USB cable, x1 skin, instruction manual - includes 18650 battery Specs Power and range: power depends on 18650 battery used, 1W-75W (firmware upgrades may increase wattage in future) Features & Tips - Switch on and off press the power button 5 times. - To decrease or increase the wattage hold the left or right hand side buttons and press the power button to set. - Left-handed? Flip the screen by pressing the two buttons simultaneously until the screen flips. - Change to wattage mode press the power button 3 times to enter into the modes, and use the right side button to select power mode, then press the power button to keep the setting. - Check the puff counter by pressing the right side button until the AMP row flashes. Select puff and press the power button to set. - Set the clock by pressing the power button 3 times to enter the menu. For digital display, press the left button to enter into the day/time/year, then press the power button to set. For analog/dial display, press the power button 3 times to enter the menu. Press the left button to set the hour/second hand, then press the right button for numerical display and press the power button to set. - Bypass mode sets the unit up to sense the coil resistance and use maximum power for that resistance. As the battery loses its charge, the power will decrease. Modes: wattage, temperature control (Ti, Ni, SS316), bypass mode, TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) Coil resistance minimum: 0.05-1.5? for temperature control, 0.1-3.5? for wattage and bypass mode OLED screen shows: wattage, voltage, coil resistance, temperature control, battery charge, vape timer, clock Display functions: puff counter, memory for last setting used, set screen protection time, key lock, flip screen, digital and analog clock, logo mode Safety: automatic cut-off after 10 seconds, short-circuit protection, weak battery, low battery, atomizer low, temperature protection, temperature alert/overheat protection Connection threading for tank: 510 (standard) Charging: micro USB cable Material: stainless steel Dimensions: H: 82mm W: 38.2mm D: 22.2mm Weight: 100g without 18650 battery, 150g with 18650 battery

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