e-Roll Starter Kit - Black

e-Roll Starter Kit - Black

Compact, sleek and sexy. Fits comfortably in your pocket like a small cellphone.*E-liquid not included*

*Ships to NZ Only*

Regular Price: $99.95

Special Price $75.00

The Joyetech e-Roll is the ideal starter kit for any vaper who wants a small, discreet unit which closely mimics an analog cigarette.

Contains: one e-Roll atomizer cover, two e-Roll atomizer heads, two e-Roll batteries, three e-Roll cartridges, one e-Roll USB charger, one e-Roll wall charger, one e-Roll portable charging case, instruction manual.


-          Available in black and white.

-          Everything you need to vape on the go.

-          Purchase an additional atomizer cover for only $4.95 to charge your extra battery while vaping.

-          Purchase an additional leather carry case for only $19.95 to carry your extra battery in one package at all times.

-          No button to press while inhaling.

-          When you aren’t vaping, place your e-Roll in the portable charging case. It will be charging while you are on the go.

-          Additional cartridges can be pre-filled and stored to quickly replace an empty cartridge.

-          Smaller cartridge size means more frequent refilling, but this also means you can easily swap flavors.


*E-liquid not included*