Joyetech eRoll and 510CC Replacement Coils

Joyetech eRoll and 510CC Replacement Coils

Replacement Atomizer Heads for the E-Roll, E-Roll C and the Joyetech 510CC

*Ships to NZ Only*


New to vaping? Let us explain how coils work! A coil is integral to every e-cig tank, and is the part which heats the e-liquid to create vapor. It does this using metal wires which are surrounded with cotton wicking. The wire has a resistance (e.g. 1.5?) which determines how much power you should be running from the battery (e.g. 10 watts). If the tank runs low on e-liquid, the cotton will dry out and be burnt by the wire, which creates a nasty tasting 'dry hit'. It's important to monitor your e-liquid levels and make sure the cotton stays saturated with e-liquid. After a dry hit, it's best to change the coil as the burnt flavour will linger. Coils will naturally wear out from use, and you will know when they need to be changed as the cloud production will decrease, a burnt flavour will emerge - even with a full tank - or the coil will simply stop working. How often you need to change the coil depends on how often you vape, as the more you vape, the faster you will go through the coil.

The Joyetech eRoll and 510CC coils are 1.8? and for use with the Joyetech eRoll, eRoll-C and 510CC models.