eGo ONE 2200mAh Set Silver

eGo ONE 2200mAh Set Silver

For people who want more power in a convenient and customizable set-up, and are interested in experimenting with sub-ohm vaping.*E-liquid not included*

Contains: x1 eGo ONE battery, x1 eGo ONE atomizer, x2 eGo ONE CL head (x1 0.5Ω, x1 1Ω), x1 eGo ONE atomizer base, x1 eGo ONE mouthpiece metal, x1 eGo ONE mouthpiece thermal glass, x1 USB cable, x1 manual & warranty card, x1 wall charger                                



- 2200mAh battery option features a 2.5mL capacity atomizer/clearomizer

- 2 atomizer head options in 1.0 Ω and 0.5 Ω.

- 1.0 Ω atomizer head suits traditional smokers who vape by holding it in the mouth before inhaling the vapor into the lung

- 0.5 Ω atomizer head suits the direct to lung inhalation style (similar to ‘dripping’ where the liquid is dripped directly onto an open coil for maximum flavor) with larger clouds of vapor

- eGo ONE atomizer base features a customizable airflow to suit your style of vaping, e.g. close it off for a tighter draw or open it up for a long inhale

- You can mix and match the eGo ONE batteries with our Kanger clearomizers.



- Single 2200mAh battery $69.95

- Single 2.5mL atomizer $39.95

- Replacement atomizer base $19.95

- 0.5 Ω atomizer head 5pk $29.95 single $6.95

- 1.0 Ω atomizer head 5pk $29.95 single $6.95

*E-liquid not included*