Dr Green's Chalice Cleaner 4oz/118mL

Dr Green's Chalice Cleaner 4oz/118mL

Keep it clean with Dr Green's!

Dr Green's Chalice Cleaner is a cleaning concentrate specially designed for all types of pipes and hookahs. Non-toxic and earth-friendly, made in the USA.


  • Mix 60% hot water with 40% cleaner.
  • immerse the unit then scrub with a bristle brush.
  • soak for several minutes.
  • Scrape any hard to clean spots with a poker.

For water pipes, remove the stem and bowl. if a brush won't reach the lower chambers of your water pipe, you can use a rag, paper towels, or a handful of dry rice swished in the bottom with the cleaning solution. Rinse clean and enjoy the sparkling results!