Cosmic Beauty Face Jewel - Silver

Cosmic Beauty Face Jewel - Silver

Stand out and shine with this all-in-one face jewel!


Stand out from the crowd and sparkle with these amazing face jewels. Perfect for that special occasion, festival, big event or summer fun!


All-in-one jewel cluster design with adhesive backing for easy application. Reusable if desired, just remove from skin and apply it back to the original film. 


  • Clean Skin to remove oil, lotion, dirt and makeup for better adhesion. 
  • Be sure the skin is completely dry before applying gems. 
  • Carefully remove gems from film and apply gems to clean, dry skin. 
  • For longer/extended wear or if it’s not sticking to the film or to your skin, clean the back of the gems with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and apply the following recommended non-toxic adhesive: 1) Eyelash Glue 2) Fix Spray.