Smoker to Vaper

Cosmic Vape

Switching from smoking to vaping is easy for many people, but others struggle to make the transition. Give yourself the best chance of success with our key points for making it work.

Get the right device for you

It might be tempting to buy the first device you come across once you’ve decided you want to vape. Being on a budget makes that cheap e-cig you’ve spotted at the service station appealing. But in the long run, if you buy something that provides you with a crappy experience - like a mouthful of e-liquid or a leaking tank - you’re more likely to end up going back to cigarettes. Get solid advice from one of our experts in store at Cosmic. This ensures you are using the correct device for your needs and cutting out unnecessary trial and error.



Use the correct nicotine strength

When first making the switch over to vaping, many people don’t get the right strength of e-liquid. Buying a liquid with too much nicotine and vaping like there’s no tomorrow, can result in headaches and nausea. Getting too little nicotine can lead to users feeling unsatisfied and being tempted to go back to cigarettes. Although every situation is different, as a general rule:

Heavy smokers (a pack or more a day) should try 18mg nicotine liquids or nicotine salts (35mg+)

Medium smokers (half to one pack a day) should try 12mg nicotine liquids

Light smokers (less than half a pack a day) should try 6mg nicotine liquids

You can get 0mg liquids too! If in doubt, make sure to pop into one of our stores nationwide and let one of our friendly staff give you the best advice on strength and liquids for your device.



Keep your batteries charged

A depleted or misplaced battery can be a disaster when you’re in desperate need of a nicotine fix. The vaper’s rule is one battery = none, two batteries = one. You may even be tempted to run out and buy a pack of cigarettes while waiting for your battery to charge. Don’t leave an open door for temptation! Be sure to keep your batteries charged for when you most need them and make sure you have a second battery charged and ready to go.


Don’t vape like a smoker

Those who have been smoking for years may be used to taking hard, quick puffs. However, this approach isn’t ideal for vaping. To get the best result, take a long, soft inhale, then blow out the vapor. This will result in a decent cloud and the satisfaction you need.


Get Support

Once you’ve made the commitment to stop smoking, it’s important to get the right support. This can be from a friend, partner, family, online or even one of our local stores. Giving up smoking isn’t easy, but if you surround yourself with the right support and knowledge, not only will your body be healthier, your wallet will be too!