Laqa & Co.


As Beauty Buyer for Cosmic, I’ve researched and tested a lot of Beauty Products.  With the recent and very much criticized events from the Lime Crime camp, Cosmic has had to broaden our horizons in the make up front. Our Beauty range, thanks to Lime Crime, has been put on the map in New Zealand for purchasing unknown, up & coming and of high quality beauty products.... and we want to continue to do so! Sadly, the days of Lime Crime are numbered here in New Zealand and Australia. We must get over it and move on! This brings me to introducing the fab new addition to our range, LAQA & Co.

Exclusive to Cosmic stores in New Zealand, LAQA & Co’s range of Fat Lipstick Pencils and Lip Lubes are right up every girls alley and in my opinion is a must have in all make up kits and hand bags.

These pencils are so easy to use it's crazy! They roll on effortlessly and the rounded tip makes them apply like a dream while keeping within the lips edge. My own experience with lipsticks and lip bottles with application brushes have seen my lip edges getting rather bigger than anticipated, or wobbly and a complete mess, and once on, hard to remove without smudging and creating a full on drama of my face. Not ideal if you're running late to go out! The twist turn mechanism at the base means you'll never need a pencil sharpener and you can continue to get the amazing results right up to the last cm!

The Lip Lubes have a rich moisture content and a delicious minty scent, combined with the super shiny case, are my absolute favourite, especially Menatour. The rich but not too dark purple hue is totally wearable during the day and bright enough to rock out at night when out on the town.

And the boxes the pencils come in…. they are absolutely stunning!!!! Each features the work of an up and coming artist. With each pencil sold with their art on it, the artist receives a percentage of the sales. This blew my mind! What a cool concept to have and such a clever, unique angle of business to create. I love the fact this brand supports the arts! I’m an artist myself and can’t even describe how hard the art industry is. To have exposure and support on a level like this, is inspiring.

LAQA & Co ticks all the boxes for me. Handy to have in the handbag, easy to use, amazing on, well lasting, supporting the arts, cruelty free and overall beautiful in concept, design and colours.

I hope the customers of Cosmic get to enjoy these pencils as much as I have.

x Jenna B.